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Design Thinkers

Human-Centered  Solutions

Advancing Innovation & Results

Whether you are a start-up, social enterprise, nonprofit, forprofit or government entity, Redaptiv can hep you reach your goal.


We work across sectors with one purpose in mind – to deliver measurable lasting results.

About Us

We collaborate with mission-driven leaders, organizations,  businesses, and investors who are working on solutions to improve the quality of life in their community.


We promote wellness, health, and care for the environment in all our work.

Our Vision

To work with people focused on creating a world where everyone can thrive, be well, and be their best self. 


To build a bigger and healthier pie for everyone to enjoy a slice.

  • Research

  • Strategy

  • Data Analytics & Insights

  • Operations

  • Contract Manufacturing Vetting & Recommendations

  • Quality Assurance Agents

  • Blockchain Supply Chain

  • IT Management

  • Business Development

  • Sustainability Planning

  • Branding

  • Business Coaching

  • Racial Equity & Inclusion Tools

  • Project Management

Design Thinkers

Human-Centered  Solutions

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