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Aging In Place

Consulting, cleaning & organizing dealing with: aging in place, the death of a loved one, accidents & hoarding de-cluttering throughout New York City. RHI is a certified MWBE and can help to restore your home or business so you can live and work pro-actively.

Do you or your loved one need help due to physical incapacity, accident or death? You may be realizing there are so many “things” to sort through and clean. Redaptiv Health Inc. understands and will bring you peace of mind during this time.



  • Works with you to sort through and organize belongings

  • Assists you to locate any valuable items that you may be looking for

  • Guides you toward making “appropriate decisions” for the items that are hard to discard

  • Does the physical work it takes to gently reduce, re-organize or dissolve your or your loved ones home or work


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