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Design Thinkers

Human-Centered  Solutions

About US

Whether you are a start-up, social enterprise, nonprofit, forprofit or government entity, Redaptiv can hep you reach your goal.


We work across sectors with one purpose in mind – to deliver measurable lasting results.


Redaptiv Health was launched in 2015 when we began working with startups and nonprofits to figure out solutions to their most challenging problems – how to find their first client and how to answer an RFP.


In addition, to gain the full startup experience, we participated in Lean Startup through the Founders Institute. As a result, we have a greater ability to relate to startups and ways to find solutions to common challenges, plus we bootstrapped our own venture, Chewl Up.


Fundamentally, our Redaptiv team are problem solvers for the good of all. We use design thinking to find human-centered solutions. We help you create advantage from every opportunity and find ways to improve results.

Our Values

  • Collaboration:  We work as a team with our clients.


  • Respect: We value diverse perspectives and we listen.


  • Candor: We value facts, feedback, and open communication.


  • Results: We use data to inform insights.


  • Humor: We believe fun and laughter is an integral part of a healthy organization.


Our Leadership Team

Our team puts our clients first with a relentless focus on delivering innovative solutions and address challenges and opportunities



Shelia Cockburn P.E., J.D., L.L.M., Redaptiv Health founder, specializes in working with startups, small businesses, and corporations in transformations that involve strategy, growth, and organizational effectiveness. 


Shelia has advised leaders across a broad range of industries including technology, real estate, pharmaceuticals, legal, automotive, and consumer products.


Shelia has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Masters of Law from Fordham University.


BA Cockburn M.D., Redaptiv Health director, specializes in working with nonprofits, foundations, and government entities in organization, strategy, evaluation, and results accountability practices.


BA has advised leaders across a broad range of fields including healthcare, human services, community development, affordable housing, workforce development, child welfare, and senior services. 


BA has BA in Chemistry and a Medical Degree from the University of South Alabama.

Bee Well

bees & bats

Save the bees and bats = Redaptiv’s investment in environmental health and wellness.


As a company, we value and promote organizational health and wellness. Bees pollinate flowers by day and bats pollinate flowers by night. Both are important parts of a healthy food chain and both are under acute stress through colony collapse and white-nose syndrome respectively.


Redaptiv invests a portion of its profits to organizations that are fighting hard to save bees and bats.

Design Thinkers

Human-Centered  Solutions

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