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What is Chewl Up

Chewl Up is the flagship neutraceutical product formulated by Redaptiv Health Inc. (RHI).  It will be for sale very soon. It is a natural, edible, anti-inflammation support supplement that is consumed in “one or two bites”. One of the active ingredients is turmeric (curcumin).

Why An Edible

Chewl Up is for people who believe in alternative medicine or who want to try alternative medicine. There is NO natural and edible pain reliever support on the market today. Eat a tasty and natural chew that combines natural herbal ingredients and spices with other natural components to enhance ant-inflammatory effectiveness. That’s what Redaptiv Health Inc. wants to deliver to you.

NO PILLS! It’s ready to eat and convenient.

Why Tumeric

Well, actually, Chewl Up contains many natural ingredients, two of which are turmeric (curcumin) and boswellia. Studies have shown that, together, these herbs complement one another and are highly effective in the reduction of pain or the effects of inflammation. Providing relief naturally and without side effects.

Read more about the benefits of turmeric from this independent, non-affiliated to Redaptiv Health Inc., study: turmeric info.

Why ask for Pre-Orders

Redaptiv Health Inc. is a start-up. We are currently bootstrapping this venture, i.e. self-funding or using funds from friends & family. It has taken over 3 years to develop our first product & we need your help, now, to afford the costs of manufacturing, packaging and production.

ORDER NOW!! This pre-sale will help us to attract an angel investor & pay for pre-production development costs.

For donations &/or angel investment(s) in our first seed round, please
email contactus@redaptivhealth.com

Additional Chewl Up Team Members

Justin Prochnow, J.D. is Chewl Up’s regulatory attorney. Justin’s practice at Greenberg Traurig LLP focuses on regulatory and business issues primarily in the food, medical device, drug and cosmetic industries. Justin works with dietary supplement, sports nutrition, beverage, conventional food, cosmetic, medical device and OTC drug companies to ensure regulatory compliance with statutes and regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration. ​

Stephanie Raffelock is Chewl Up’s nutrient advisor. Stephanie offers consulting within the nutrient industry on: Infrastructure; contract manufacturing vetting and recommendations; personnel consulting, including design, labels, and quality assurance agents. ​

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